Asagi (ah SAH gee) A blue reticulated koi with red or orange markings on its sides, fins and cheeks. Asagi are one of the oldest koi varieties and many varieties were created by crossbreeding the Asagi to other varieties. Look for a fish with clear, defined reticulation of the scales. The red or orange markings should be symemetrical on both sides and ideally do not come above the lateral line. Asagi with red extending above the lateral line and into the blue reticulated scales are referred to as Hi Asagi.
Hosokai 28 1/2" Yonsai female Asagi

Hosokai 28 1/2" Yonsai female Asagi

This Asagi has just come in from Japan, it is at PSKoi, and my customer would like to sell it. The asking price is the purchase price when it was...

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Hosokai 55cm Nisai female Asagi

Hosokai 55cm Nisai female Asagi

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